Rudrapur: Explore the new hub of the automotive industry!

Rudrapur City is a new emerging prospect for the automobile sector in the state of Uttarakhand. It is a whole new setup where multiple car companies have plans to put up their projects. Even the auto component manufacturer from many reliable and reputed groups share their bit to establish the place as amongst the top locations for such car parts.

Although the Automobile industries’ growth and development is at the initial level, multiple car manufacturers and automobile parts manufacturers are having an eye for business here. Among the top 4 wheeler production companies in Rudrapur, Mahindra and Mahindra Ltd. constitutes 10 acres of land for tractors’ mass manufacturing. They are releasing six distinct variants of tractors and have a proposal of producing 65000 tractors on an annual basis. 

Gradually, even Bajaj Auto ltd. is stepping towards developing an automobile base in this city. The geographical scenario and overall condition of this region is highly feasible for industrial purposes. And that is a big reason why many other electrical appliance part manufacturers are investing in this vicinity. With such a mega exposure of renowned brands, this city will probably change the entire Uttarakhand future in the upcoming time.

Rudrapur is now stepping towards creating a new milestone for India’s automotive sector, and the achievements are persistent even in the various regions. Uttarakhand’s government is also trying to extend all possible co-operation to boost up the machining products manufacturer capacity at this location.

The prospect for automobile parts manufacturer and tool-making company expansion is also at risk here, and the projection is too high. Several electrical appliance parts manufacturers take part in the industry with services such as Product Assembly, Injection Moulding, Plastic Welding, Vibration Welding, Hot Plate Welding, and Sheet Metal Turning, TPE/TPV Bellows and Dust Covers/Shields, Plastic Piston Rings, TPU Polyurethane Products, PP/HDPE/Nylon/Delrin/PC moulding, TPE/TPV & Santoprene components/parts supplier. With the help of multiple developmental plans, the manufacturing here is increasing every year.

Sooner or later, Rudrapur is about to enter the race of major automotive-making industries after introducing advanced technologies and excellent working conditions for the workforce. The place is already in motion towards a futuristic development in the auto sector, and it is the right time to look at the brighter side of the entire plan!

Jairaj Group- Contribution and Services!

M/S Jairaj Ancillaries Pvt Ltd. is a top-rated automobile parts manufacturer that pertains specialized services in Product Assembly and Machining Products. Other ranges of expert products include Car Part Supplies, Ultrasonic Welding, and Plastic Blow and Injection Moulding. There is also a segregated plant that focuses on Tubular, Automobile, plastic, and machining products manufacturing.

Offering competent and unbeatable auto product designing services to the automotive industry for many years, Jairaj Group claimed many awards and recognition on national and international levels. It is an ISO-certified auto components manufacturer that caters to a diverse range of comprehensive auto range, including Electrical, Plastic Welding, and Mold Designs. We also have an emerging business set up in Rudrapur city to optimize the human skills and advanced technology for the auto-upgrade.

Besides, our team’s technical experts pay close attention to every single step that is part of the manufacturing unit. This assures better compatibility and outstanding auto product services. We have the vision to develop most of the country’s industrial estates into automotive hubs that could trigger the country’s economy and growth rate to manifolds.

Jairaj Group’s anticipation is to accelerate and amplify the overall automobile parts manufacturing in pace with the auto industry development!

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Sanand- A New-Age global hub for the Auto industry!

SANAND Industrial Estate, also known as the ‘Automobile hub of Gujarat,’ is located in Ahmedabad and is the whole city. Near the Panchayat office here, the visitors can also identify the board of ‘Nano Nagari’ due to the small-car projects here. And slowly, the Auto component manufacturer is taking it into the league of big industry hubs.

Almost all the popular brands like the Honda Cars India, Maruti Suzuki India, Hero MotoCorp, Tata Motors, and HMSI are associating, thus making it recognizable.

As the machining products manufacturer and Auto components manufacturer’s expansion is ongoing here, the prospects of its growth are very high. The tentative figure suggests that the Sanand auto hub would accommodate more than 2.3 million vehicles incoming 8-10 years.

Sanand aims at becoming the biggest label amongst the automotive industry in and around the Asia-Pacific region. As per the Government estimations, the Sanand- Hansalpur- Vithalapur belt might have a tentative car manufacturing capacity of almost 1.46 million. And it might also comprise almost 3 million 2-wheelers in the upcoming 3-4 years.

Many automotive manufacturers are entering this estate with injection moulding, plastic blow moulding, products assembly, and sheet metal turning. Development and manufacturing in Sanand is growing each year. Ford has a dedicated plan for developing Sanand into a mega export hub and is already making 800 cars here each day.

Maruti Suzuki and Tata Motors are also planning to enter the race of quality vehicles in the upcoming years. The entire unit of Sanand expects to generate the employment of almost 5,000 people when it gets operational.

Jairaj Group- Products and Services at Sanand

M/S Jairaj Ancillaries Pvt Ltd. is a well-renowned and highly reputed manufacturing enterprise with specialist services in Auto components Manufacturers and the mould design company. At Sanand, we have a dedicated plant that deals in Automobile, Plastics, Electrical, Tubular and Machining products manufacturing.

Our committed workforce strives hard to achieve precision in product assembly and plastic Injection and blow moulding. Designing innovative products, including Ultrasonic Welding, Vibration Welding, Hot Plate Welding, TPE , TPV & Santoprene components suppliers, TPE, TPV Bellows and Dust Covers (Shields), Plastic Piston Rings, TPU, Polyurethane Products, PP, HDPE, Nylon, Delrin, PC moulding, and plastic products supply, are other services.

Jairaj group is an ISO Certified Automobile parts manufacturer specializing in a plethora of industries, including automotive, electrical, mould design, and plastic welding. With our dedicated plant set up in Sanand, we incorporate high-end and advanced technology with pro machinery to upgrade.

The technically qualifies and well-trained staff focuses on designing every product to meet their client’s requirements. With the Jairaj group’s expertise and their excellence in the manufacturing industry, there are anticipations of collective growth and profits!

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