Strengths : Man

  • Highly motivated, Technically qualified, experienced, well-trained & dedicated work-force
  • All are committed to meet the customer’s requirements
  • Round-the-year training to the personnel
  • Willingness to change as per customers growth & future plans

Strengths : Machine

  • Sophisticated machinery and technology-
    • CNC Turning Centers
    • VMC
    • 60+ Injection Moulding Machines upto 350Tonnes
    • 10 Double Station Blow Moulding Machines
  • Well equipped Testing Facilities
  • Access to Testing Centers
  • 100% Power back-up. Minimum two Gen Sets in each Plant
  • Willingness to add Technology as per customers growth & future plans
  • Plastic welding facilities
  • Ultrasonic welding process
  • Vibration welding process
  • Hot plate welding process
  • Sheet metal turning
  • Shocker Components manufacturing
  • Tubular components manufacturing
  • Plastic injection moulding
  • Plastic blow moulding

Strengths : Method

  • Strict adherence to the policies of best business ethics
  • Work on ERP Platform: Transparent, Fair, Open and Ethical
  • Long term relationship with its customers.
  • Direct-on-line (DOL) supplies to most of the buyers.
  • Member of the “Factory Improvement Programme” conducted by ILO
  • Member of lean Manufacturing Cluster
  • Member of the Visionary SME Program

Strengths : Resources

  • 33 years of healthy relationship with Banks
  • Golden Track record
  • Willingness to invest as per customers growth & future plans
  • Long term relationship with customers

“We are firm in our faith that our development is an integral part of our Customers’ development. In that spirit, we move forward….”