Automotive Parts Manufacturer Manesar, Gurgaon

JaiRaj Group is considered as one of the main Automobile parts manufacturer and Mold configuration organization in Manesar, Gurgaon. Throughout the long term, it has arisen as the one-stop objective of turning into a Machining products manufacturer, Plastic Gears manufacturer, shocker Components manufacturers, Tubular components manufacturers etc in Faridabad. In the world of product assembly, one name which shines very bright is that of JaiRaj Group.

The presence of the organization dates long back 35 years prior, and from that point forward it has been a grounded electrical machines parts maker and Tubular segments makers and is likewise enrolled as a MSME. Throughout the long term, with its Ultrasonic welding measure and Hot plate welding measure, the organization has served over 100+ categories. Today we are the leading service provider to the automobile industry in Manesar, Gurgaon area.

Our service areas are

  • Best auto components manufacturer Manesar
  • Plastic blow moulding products Manesar
  • Plastic injection moulding Manesar
  • Plastic product supplier Manesar
  • Tool making company Manesar
  • Mould design company Manesar
  • Auto product assembly in Manesar
  • Plastic welding Manesar
  • Ultrasonic welding Manesar
  • Vibration welding Manesar
  • Plastic hot plate welding Manesar
  • Sheet metal turning in Manesar
  • Machining products manufacturer Manesar
  • Electrical appliances part Manesar
  • Plastic Gears manufacturer Manesar
  • Shocker Components manufacturer Manesar
  • Tubular components manufacturer Manesar

Recently JaiRaj has begun to manufacture Certified Personal Protective Equipment such as face shield and is slowly entering to manufacture ventilators.

Qualified team
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Trendsetting Innovation

Its various cycles, for example, plastic welding facilities, plastic injection moulding, plastic blow moulding, vibration welding, sheet metal turning in Manesar, it dominates because of the cutting edge innovation and hardware utilized. JaiRaj Group has consistently been ahead from the contenders which is as it should be. The organization has outfitted itself with the most recent hardware and innovation which encourages them to give better outcomes at reasonable costs and furthermore causes them in keeping the quality flawless. The innovation at each progression here is tried a lot. Different quality checks are done at each progression, to give the wagers of the items.


Due to its commitment and high-quality services, JaiRaj Group has managed to gain prominent certifications such as:

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